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 Concrete Scotland-ExpLearn

creating an experience like no other

 STF Awards 2017- Innovation in Training winner for Octavian Concrete Program 

Concrete in the Classroom

Concrete in the Classroom Evaluation

Concrete in the Classroom is a community engagement resource following Curriculum for Excellence principles which delivers cross curriculum learning through five construction related lessons and culminating in a site visit to a concrete factory or similar construction facility.

The Concrete in the Classroom set out with clear objectives for the wider pilot: 

- Create a learning experience which shows employability within the Construction Industry and explore the part that the Concrete Sector plays in this Industry.

- Create lifelong learning skills and show how these materialise in future work opportunities.

- Create new meaningful links between Secondary Education, Industry and Further / Higher Education.

- Help to create confident individuals who are successful learners and become an effective contributor and responsible citizen.

- Develop an awareness of career opportunities that may not have been referenced prior to the program.

- Create an opportunity through CPD for schools to up skill their staff to repeat the program whilst being supported and ultimately self-deliver the program going forward as other schools join the program.